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We love hosting parties at Richmond Station. If you're looking to book a special meal for your family, celebrate a life milestone or organize a party for your office colleagues we want to hear from you.

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We love a good party and recognize that planning an event for a large group is a little different than the average night out. If you’re planning a group booking for work colleagues or organizing a night out with a group of friends, there are additional considerations over and above the typical reservation information like date and time. 

At Richmond Station, we love when large groups of friends get together to celebrate. It’s fun to see large tables in the dining room and its exciting for our kitchen to cook food in larger formats too. We get excited about plating food for tables to share, and taking big bottles of wine out of the cellar can be the perfect excuse to find a new wine. Simply click on the link below and fill out the form.

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We ask all groups of 12 or more to order from a fixed price menu rather than the daily menu card and chalkboard specials. There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is that our kitchen is pretty small and there is not a lot of plating surface: we are only able to accommodate group bookings when we limit the available menu items as the limitation in choice enables an extended reach in guest count. The second reason we offer fixed price options for group bookings is that in our experience, it actually makes life easier for the host. If you’re the friend or colleague charged with the task of selecting a venue, honouring a budget and choosing dishes that make everyone attending excited about their experience it can be a relief to simply distribute a pre-selected menu format.

The menus below describe the course structure, variety of options and pricing for different groups sizes and budgets. These menus are meant to be used in conversation with our reservationist. Feel free to look through the menus below and know they will certainly make more sense once you’ve reached out to our team and we’ve begun to discuss your group booking.