Slow Roast

Be part of a family tradition. #SlowRoast

Slow Roast is a quintessential part of Richmond Station’s identity. We love to cook and we love to host. For most chefs, the love of food was seeded in childhood, working alongside mom and dad in the kitchen. And sure, getting dinner on the table and lunches packed was always a daily challenge; but on the weekend the process of cooking always became slower, more communal and a bit less fussy.

Breaking it down

Mealtime is always a bit more flexible on a Saturday or Sunday, with the pressures of work and school put aside for a few days. Often there’s extended family and neighbours milling about. With extra place settings out at the table, somehow the meal preparation only becomes more special.

How it works

At Richmond Station we end every Friday night by putting a large roast in the convection oven. It might be pork shoulder. It might be whole roasted squash. It might be brined ham or beef brisket. Just like at home, what goes in the oven is more a product of what’s around than any grand idea of what should end up on the table. We know the company will be great and we’re certain the food will be delicious and with that it becomes less important what we call it.

Get into it

Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am to 4:00pm(or we run out) we serve a $24 Slow Roast. The dish comes with appropriate sides which are created once the meat is chosen. If you’re group has more than a few people at it, we’ll plate the food family style, bringing large platters of roasted meat and sides to the centre of your table. Sharing food as a group is how we feel eating on weekends is all about.

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