Richmond Station is a stopping place. A bustling neighbourhood restaurant in the downtown core. We are committed to delicious food and excellent hospitality.

Group Bookings

We take reservations of all sizes, however online bookings are for groups of four or less.

If your group will be larger we would be happy to make special arrangements, Get Started below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Chef's Menu

Our kitchen is always prepared to create a unique meal for your table, so why not let us cook for you. Get a mix of individual and family style courses for lunch or dinner. This way of ordering is available every day and you don’t need a reservation.

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Gift Cards

Give the gift you wish you could get for yourself (and get one for yourself too!). Richmond Station has a fast and easy way to buy Gift Certificates online. For that person on your list that’s impossible to shop for.


Station Events

Station Events takes the expert planning required to be a top chef and applies it to creating and curating unique events throughout Canada. Station Events is Richmond Station, out on the open road.

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Slow Roast Saturday

Richmond Station is open for lunch every Saturday and we like to slow things down a bit. Come and try our $21 fixed price lunch on Saturday and taste the delicious joint that our team left in the oven overnight. Seats go fast so be sure to make a booking or stop by right when we open at 11am. (yes, the burger is still available)

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West Side Beef

West Side Beef is Richmond Station’s ecommerce butcher shop. As an ingredient focused restaurant, we spend a lot of our time sourcing the best meat available and carefully getting it ready for perfect plates. Want us to do that for your home fridge while we’re at it?

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We dined here on our last day of a long and wonderful trip to Toronto. Karen treated us like royalty and did an excellent job serving us. Their menu is very unique and fun! We enjoyed several “first-evers” for us including the polenta ties, smoked trout hush puppies and lamb croquettes. A Toronto winner!

Jay from Alabama

Private Classes

Looking for a fun experience? Always wanted to be a chef (at least for a day)? Richmond Station welcomes two guests into our kitchen select Saturday morning starting at noon. Let us know what you want to learn and we’ll see if that fits the schedule. Butchery, charcuterie, knife skills, pasta making: we’re a busy kitchen and we’re likely doing all those things anyways. Spots fill up quickly and are only available on select weekends. If you want to learn more, send us an email and we’ll reach out to you directly.

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