$45 / person

Chicory & Roasted Carrot Salad

smoked goats yogurt, candied barley, radicchio

this dish is vegetarian and nut free + (dairy free and gluten free options are available)


Garden Salad

lemon chevre, wild leek vinaigrette, summer vegetables

this dish is vegetarian and gluten free + (vegan options are available)


Quinoa Power Bowl

soybean hummus, red and white quinoa, sweet potato, pickled onions, grilled tofu, sheep feta, red wine vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds

this dish is vegetarian and gluten and nut free + (vegan options are available)


Berkshire Pork and Mushroom Cavatelli

maitake mushrooms, marjoram, parmigiano, fennel

this dish is nut free + (vegetarian and vegan versions are available)


Stn. Light Lunch

butcher’s selection of 3 cured meats, Thea cheddar, pickled egg, beer mustard, sourdough

this dish is nut free + (gluten free options available)


Apple Posset

walnut streusel, apple & black currant compote

this dish is vegetarian + (gluten and nut free options are available)


Stn. Energy Bar

dates, almonds, cocoa, oats, maple syrup

this dish is vegan as well as gluten and dairy free

add on a 45 minute interactive discussion or plating demonstration with one of our chefs for $200