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Richmond Station comes to you, wherever you are.

Welcome to Virtual Events at Richmond Station

Team gathering? Wine Tasting? Cooking Class? Celebratory dinner with family and friends? Just need meals delivered to everyone?

Large or small, corporate or private, we look forward to curating the food, drink and entertainment that are perfect for your event.

Meals can be picked up or delivered to one or multiple locations at the same time, across Southern Ontario. Our team will help you plan your event, curate the perfect menu, and even host you online.

Yes, we can create your event!

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“Service was excellent and all the deliveries were on time for a perfectly executed virtual event! The food was awesome and the team was so so impressed with how delicious it was. Thank you so much for making this so easy and seamless!”

Mabel Lee



The food was delivered and handled with care. Including all the directions we needed to execute the meal with ease! The food was amazing! Truly 10/10

Deanna Carruthers

The moderation provided by the chef and mixologist elevated the event and was essential to the night’s success

Daniel Zinman

let’s get started

Frequently Asked Questions


Start by placing an inquiry with us, using and of the LET’S GET STARTED buttons. After you have placed an inquiry, someone from our team will reach out to schedule a call to discuss your event details. During this call we will gather the information needed to build you a quote. The quote will be sent within 2 business days of the call. The quote will be digital and can be viewed in any browser on any device.

The quote is also a contract, and to secure your event date and time you will need to fund an approve the contract, which has a 25% deposit.

Once your deposit has been paid, we will send you a Google Form that you can email to your guests. Your guests need to complete the form so we can capture information like menu selection, dietary restrictions and delivery details. It is essential that we receive this information 10 days prior to your event.

7 days prior to your event, a final invoice will be sent for the outstanding balance of your event.

All events must be paid in full 5 business days before the event date.

Richmond Station can set up a virtual meeting for your group to join through Google Meet. This is essential if our team is demonstrating a cocktail or culinary component for your group. If you are planning to stay together as a group for several hours, even beyond the demonstration time, we recommend that you offer your own virtual platform link so that the event does not close down when our team says goodbye. In these instance you can use any virtual meeting software you prefer and we simply as to have access to the meeting space 15 minutes prior to guests joining. when our team is present ta your meeting, we will log in from three devices: one with sound and video turned on for demonstrators and two with sound and video off; one of these is so the demonstrator can see you and one is for the production assistant to monitor sound and picture quality.

There is no limit to how many people can join any one virtual session, however there are additional software hosting costs that come with group sizes over 100.

Yes. We know that your team’s are working hard and that they are working apart from one another. If your company is looking to host a party to celebrate the perseverance and success of the past year – we are experts in building these experience, so long as you want delicious food and drink to be part of the offering.


Yes. During your call with our team we will ask about your preferences and allergies, likes and dislikes, and any special requests. Your menu will be designed with these notes and your budget in mind. After the first menu has been sent out, you can still request changes up to 10 days prior to your event.

Yes. Per Person event costs really vary, but they depend on a few simple factors. The menu prices listed on our website cover food and beverage costs only. Packaging, delivery and administration are calculated based on your specific needs. Virtual Chef and Virtual Bartender fees can be found at the bottom of the menu.

This covers the hours put-in to organize and execute your event. This includes planning calls and the time taken to organize delivery logistics and special menu requests, as well as additional time to pack meals for delivery.

Yes, we love collaborating and have already brought virtual events to life for brands that want to reach a range of stakeholders, from social media influencers to sales agents and their hard working team members.

A virtual host will welcome guests to the call and run the group through the etiquette for virtual events (muting microphones, pinning demonstrators, etc). A good host will also monitor the chat and answer questions, just like at any good party. We always recommend booking a virtual host for events larger than 10 people. you can provide your own host and might even have someone in your group of guests that is the perfect fit. But you can can also book a host through us, and we’ll line up a chef or bartender to facilitate your event.


No. There is no limit to how many units we can fulfill. We have already completed single events that had 400 guests and hundreds of delivery addresses in dozens of different cities. We have great partners and great solutions already in place.

No, you do not need to be home to receiver your delivery.

We won’t deliver outside of Ontario; but we can plan to include guests out of province by working with restaurants in other parts of Canada that will price, build and deliver a great meal to your guests in their area. We have already worked with restaurant partners that we know and love in places like Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. We are all living apart these days and our goal is to help you get together – virtually.


Yes. All our pre-formatted menus have options that include the most common allergy concerns. Beyond that, we thrive when given the opportunity to make a bespoke menu. Let us know in advance what allergy and dietary restrictions we need to consider and know that we can provide great options.

Our charcuterie and cheese menu should be consumed room temperature and will be ready to eat right out of the box. All other menus are available hot, as long as the delivery address is within 10km of Richmond Station, or you come to pick up your meals. Aside from that, all menus will be prepared then packed cold with easy-to-follow reheating and plating instructions.


Yes. We have already hosted events that included pre-recorded video with content from chefs, winemakers and bartenders. .